Social Responsibility

We think it is important that everyone in the Netherlands has a healthy future. We would therefore like to contribute to the health promotion of society. For example, we support (academic) hospitals in various medical scientific studies. These investigations often run for several years and we follow the developments closely.

In addition, we support regional initiatives of social welfare and sport. We believe that sport is healthy and that sport should be accessible to everyone, from young to old. Both for top athletes, amateur athletes and athletes with a disability.

Below you can see a selection of the partnerships. Activities we are proud of.

  • Special Olympics National Games 2022

    In June 2022, the Special Olympics National Games Twente 2022 were held in Twente. In 14 municipalities in Twente, 25 sports tournaments were organized. More than 2,300 athletes with an intellectual disability from home and abroad competed with each other. Reggeborgh is one of the proud main sponsors. We think it is important that everyone can exercise.

  • Zeldzame Ziekten Fonds

    The Rare Diseases Fund (Zeldzame Ziekten Fonds) helps people with a rare disease. They do this by raising money for scientific research, by raising awareness of rare diseases and by facilitating contact with fellow sufferers. Reggeborgh has a long-term partnership with the Rare Diseases Fund. Through our contribution, we hope to create greater awareness and enable the development of a good treatment for one of the many rare diseases.

  • Future of Twente

    Reggeborgh is one of the founding partners of Future of Twente. This is a collective of companies from Twente area, who think it is important to embrace more female talent in business and beyond. As a joint initiative, we are the main sponsor of FC Twente Vrouwen. In the 2021-2022 season, they became national champions for the 8th time in a row.

  • Antoni van Leeuwenhoek

    Cancer is one of the most common diseases in the Netherlands. It is a complicated disease, which is often not easy to cure and which affects many people. It is our dream that cancer can be cured in the future. That is why, together with a number of partners, we support the 'AVL Centre for Cell Therapy'. This internationally renowned center focuses on the development of new strategies to effectively use immune cells for the treatment of various forms of cancer.

  • Schaatsteam Reggeborgh

    Since 2019 we are proud sponsor of Schaatsteam Reggeborgh. What started as a sprint team has since grown into a sprint and all-round team. In our team, young talents skate together with experienced skaters, such as Kjeld Nuis, Femke Kok, Patrick Roest and Marrit Fledderus. In addition, we are the main sponsor of Marathonteam Reggeborgh.

  • Pioneers in Healthcare

    The Pioneers in Health Care Innovation Fund is a collaboration between the University of Twente, Saxion, Medisch Spectrum Twente, Ziekenhuisgroep Twente, Deventer Ziekenhuis. Reggeborgh has been supporting this fund since 2020. With this innovation fund, the partners stimulate a sustainable collaboration between the world of new technologies and medical practice.

  • Villa Joep

    Villa Joep is the fund in the field of neuroblastoma childhood cancer. Every year, 25 to 30 young children in The Netherlands are diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Their chances of recovery are shockingly low. We have been a donor for a long time and support scientific research into neuroblastoma so that we accelerate and increase the chance of a cure.

  • Inreda

    Inreda is one of the important players in the TechMed industry in Twente. They have developed an artificial pancreas, which can make life a lot more pleasant for people with type I diabetes. Reggeborgh supports a study investigating the use of the artificial pancreas in adolescents between 12-18 years old. This research delivers an important contribution to the treatment of Diabetes and the quality of life in this young target group.